Initial Designs (1997-2001)

    The web site of the Audiology department was put on-line in September 1996. It has been the first web site on clinical and experimental Audiological material in Italy and since 1997 it has been visited by more than 38500 visitors. The site is hosted by the Computer Science Department, University of Ferrara.

Third re-design (2002)

    In the newest version, the site was designed to offer more information on the regional and international research programs coordinated by the department. Special attention was paid to the Regional project Cheap-Cheaper on neonatal hearing screening.


     Thallus Communications

     This site was designed for 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 displays and JAVA enabled 5.x browsers. Lower resolutions are NOT supported.

     We have tried to maintain compatibility we all three major browsers (Explorer , Navigator, and Opera). For a number of special effects the use of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.x is required. It should be noted that great effort has been invested in writing code which is equally visible with earlier versions of Opera (ver. 4.x) or Navigator (ver 4.x). Nevertheless the behavior of these early browsers is buggy when comes to the stylesheet and HTML 4.0 specifications, therefore some pages may not be displayed properly.

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