The Staff

The department of Audiology (unitą operativa di Audiologia) is part of a larger department (Dipartimento discipine medico-chirurchiche della comunicazione e del comportamento) in the faculty of Medicine. The staff is engaged in both clinical and academic activities. Currently the staff is comprised by :

  • One full professor

  • One adjunct professor

  • One research-assistant (university position)

  • One research assistant (with no university position)

  • Three clinical residents

  • Two MDs

  • Eight Audiology technicians (for OAE, ABR, vestibular testing, plus hearing aid fitting cochlear implant mapping and speech therapy)

Program of studies

       The department is mainly engaged in post-graduate studies in Audiology(specializazzione). To follow the 4-year residency course students must have a medical degree (MD) from a EU country. Students with batchelor degrees in Audiology and Speech-Therapy (from countries such as England, USA, Brazil, Argentina etc) cannot enroll in the residency program.

        Within the department there are also two three-year duration schools (diplomi di scuole tecniche) for technicians in Audiology (Audiologia) and Speech Therapy (Logopedia).

       From 2002 the department of Audiology is also offering Advanced courses in Audiology (Perfezionamento in Audiologia) for Italian students with a medical degree in Audiology or ENT.The 2002 program in Italian language can be downloaded from here.

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