I: Data from Neonatal subjects and from Animals

Starting from January 1997, we have made make available to other research groups a part of the TEOAE data we have acquired. Two types of data are available: (a) data from neonatal subjects and (b) data from animal experiments (guinea pig and rat models). The data appear in self-extracting zipped files in the binary ILO format. Groups which don't utilize the ILO equipment may read the ILO files using the freeware program TEOAE 2.6,( see below) which was designed for TEOAE analysis and classification.

Date posted
Description of File
File to DownLoad

ILO sample from TEOAEs obtained from rats

(56 K)

ILO sample from TEOAEs obtained from rabbits

(60 K)

An excellent set of neonatal data from our collaborators in Warsaw, Poland

(112 K)

Volume 1: 53 files from the Pediatrics Dept of Ferrara University

(137 K)

       If you will use the TEOAE 2.6 program to read the animal TEOAE recordings, REMEMBER to set the value of the window duration = 13.5 ms, in the Initial Settings routine , before reading the ILO data.

II: Software for TEOAE Analysis and Classification

You can download the latest beta versions of the EOAE2.6 program for TEOAE data analysis and classification. The programs are stored in self-extracting files. We suggest that before you download the program and the associated data templates download the read me file, to see if your data are compatible with the EOAE2.6 specifications. Have in mind that the programs were written exclusively for our lab, so there are no manuals. If you encounter any problems please send us mail.

  • To download the EOAE2.6 beta (420K) CLICK here
    The program now offers two enhanced printing options. The Win 3.x users can check out directions in the updated Readme file (teo_read.exe). The w95 users can use a nifty shareware program called Print Screen 95. This program can be obtained from any TUCOWS mirror site, but we suggest the following Greek site of the Polytechnic of Athens because is very fast. Once you get the program follow the directions of the Readme file (teo_read.exe).

    NOTE: The Win 3.x users HAVE to modify a parameter of the paramet.asc file, the 6th variable has to be modified from "2" to "0". If you don't change this value the program WILL NOT read properly the ILO files.

  • To download the data-templates for classification (94K) CLICK here .

    NOTE: The EOAE2.6 module on classification does not work without the data templates.

  • To download the program-guide file (20 K)CLICK here.This is also a self-extracting file (zipped to minimize downloading time). This document is formatted for a WinWord 6.0 text viewer

Despite it's potential the EOAE2.6 set of modules were written in DOS and they are not so easy to use TODAY. Within the context of a scientific collboration with the Warsaw Univ. of Technology, Institute of Electronic Systems, we have developed an excellent WINDOWS viewer for the analysis of the TEOAE responses. To get this FREE download go to OAE Portal and check out the software section.