Thursday, March 17
14.00   Keynote Lecture Damage & replacement of cells in the inner ear

A. Ryan (La Jolla, CA, USA)

14.45   Round Table

Moderator: Ph. Lefebvre (Liège, Belgium)

Development & Inner Ear Genes


F. Mammano (Padua, Italy), U. Pirvola (Helsinki, Finland), J.L. Puel (Montpellier, France), G. Richardson (Brighton, UK)


Round Table


Moderator: J.E. Gillespie (Manchester, UK)

Imaging in genetic hearing impairments


F. Calzolari (Ferrara, Italy), G. Cioni (Pisa, Italy),

J.E. Gillespie (Manchester, UK)

17.00   coffee break

Round Table


Moderator: G. van Camp (Antwerp, Belgium) Phenotype & Genotype in non Syndromal HI


K. Avraham (Tel Aviv, Israel), X. Estivill (Barcelona, Spain), M. Mazzoli (Padua, Italy), R. Smith (Iowa City, IA, USA)

18.45   free papers & poster discussion

Keynote Lecture :


Update on the genetic research

C. Petit (Paris, France)

Friday, March 18  

Round Table


Moderator: H.T. Jacobs (Tampere, Finland)

Mitochondria & Deafness


I. del Castillo (Madrid, Spain), M.X. Guan (Cincinnati, OH, USA), H.T. Jacobs (Tampere, Finland)


Round Table


Moderator: C. Moeller (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Phenotype & Genotype in Syndromal HI


W.J. Kimberling (Omaha, NE, USA), A. Read (Manchester, UK), W. Reardon (Dublin, Ireland), L. Tranebjaerg (Copenhagen, Denmark)


coffee break



Round Table


Moderator: A. Parving (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Early detection and intervention in Gen HI


A. Davis (Manchester, UK), F. Grandori (Milan, Italy)

D. Hayes (Denver, CO, USA), R. Illing (Freiburg, Germany)


free papers & poster discussion



Round Table


Moderator: D. Stephens (Cardiff, Wales, UK)

Psychosocial aspects of gen HI

S. Chery-Croze (Lyon, France), B. Danemark (Oerebro, Sweden), S.E. Kramer (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), W. Neary (Warrington, UK)


Round Table


Moderator: C. Fasser (Zurich, Switzerland)

Social impact and communication in genetic disorders


P. Ceccarani (Osimo, AN, Italy), E. Genovese (Treviso, Italy), A. Middleton (Cambridge, UK), M. Potmesil (Olomouc, Czech Republic)

17.30   Concert at the Royal Palace of Caserta
Saturday, March 19  

Round Table


Moderator: E. Arslan (Padua, Italy)

Hearing aids vs genetic audiometric profiles


P. Huygen (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), S. Prosser (Ferrara, Italy)


Round Table


Moderator: P.van de Heyning (Antwerp, Belgium)

Surgery for external & middle ear malformations


C. Cremers (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), F. Declau (Edegem, Belgium),

M. Tos (Hellerup, Denmark)



coffee break



Round Table


Moderator: T. Lenarz (Hannover, Germany)

CI results vs genetic diagnosis


W.D. Baumgartner (Vienna, Austria), R. Filipo (Rome, Italy),

C. Morera (Valencia, Spain)


Round Table


Moderator:G. Babighian (Padua, Italy)

CI in malformed ears


A. Aschendorff (Freiburg, Germany), P. Claros (Barcelona, Spain), B. Fraysse (Toulouse, France), A. Schrott-Fisher (Innsbruck, Austria)


free papers & poster discussion



Round Table


Moderator: I. Pyykko (Tampere, Finland)

Local pharmacotherapy of inner ear disorders


Ph. Lefebvre (Liège, Belgium), J.L. Puel (Montpellier, France), T. Stover (Hannover, Germany)


coffe break



Round Table


Moderator: J.Ylikoski (Helsinki, Finland)

New tools for research diagnosis and treatment


D. Di Bernardo (Naples, Italy), M. Duan (Stockholm, Sweden), P. Gasparini (Naples, Italy), M. Holley (Sheffield, UK), S. Volinia (Ferrara, Italy)


Closing Remarks


Social Dinner

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