The HEAR project


The European Concerted Action Project On Genetic Hearing Impairment
European Concerted Action : PL950353

The project officially started on April 1996

Project coordinator: Alessandro Martini, MD
Associate Professor of Audiology
University of Ferrara
Audiologia- Clinica ORL
Corso Giovecca 203
tel. +39.532.295249
fax +39.532.295887

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1:June-July 1996
(word file) (67k)
(Acrobat-pdf file)

  1. Genetic Deafness: Epidemiological and Clinical data
  2. Structure of the Concerted Action: Project management structure, Milestones and Time deliveries

2:November 1996
(word file) (126k)
(Acrobat-pdf file)

  1. Description of study group 1: Terminology, definitions, and hearing assessment.
  2. Description of study group 2: Epidemiology of genetic hearing Impairment.
  3. Description of study group 3: Vestibular involvement.
  4. News and future meetings

3:March 1997
(word file) (103k)
(Acrobat-pdf file)

  1. Description of study group 4a. Study group on Craniofacial Malformations and Hearing Impairement.
  2. Proband phenotypic evaluation questionnaires.
  3. Description of study group 4b. Study group on Otological Malformations and associated Surgical problems
  4. Description of study group 5. Group on Gene identification
  5. Future meetings and Workshops

4:February 1998
(word file) (78k )
(Acrobat-pdf file)

  1. A description of the HEAR and the Heareditary Hearing loss Home page.

5:May 1998
(word file) (216k)
(Acrobat-pdf file)

  1. Genotypes and Phenotypes of Non-Syndromal Hearing Impairment

6: March 1999
(word file) (489k )
(Acrobat-pdf file)

  1. Abstracts of the third HEAR meeting in Bibione, Italy : March 4-7 1999

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