The HEAR project

General Info

The European Concerted Action Project On Genetic Hearing Impairment
European Concerted Action : PL950353

The project officially started on April 1996

Project coordinator: Alessandro Martini, MD
Associate Professor of Audiology
University of Ferrara
Audiologia- Clinica ORL
Corso Giovecca 203
tel. +39.532.236249
fax +39.532.236887


A brief
description of the Project

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Announcements, Meetings, Latest Events
Hearing Impairement Database
unavailable for the moment
Genes Database
at the Univesity of Antwerp
Phenotypes Database

Server Statistics (unavailable for the moment)

For those of you who use the Essilor Audioscan , there are some good news. We have developed a DOS program which provides R and L columnar data from the RAW Audioscan recordings. CLICK here for a beta testing

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